Emigration with four-legged friends

Since dogs – and now cats – belong to our family, we dedicate our own page to the topic “FAQ pets”. Again, we look forward to sending us your questions, to which you will not find an answer.

How are the vets here?

What applies to human medicine also applies to veterinarians. They are excellent. So you don’t have to worry that the four-legged or whistling friend isn’t getting enough care.

What about pet shops?

In the meantime, there are numerous small specialist shops for zoo supplies. And of course the two place deer Mascotas and Kiwoko. If you need special food, you have the opportunity to order it there or directly from Germany.

Where can I walk my dog on the beach?

From October to March, actually everywhere – at least unofficially. But if you remove the remains of your fur nose and make sure that he doesn’t bother anyone, no one will bother.

Pronounced dog haters, of course.

If you want to be on the safe side, go to the dog beaches, which are usually not quite handsome. Or, as in Javea, consists of stone beach, which is far from pleasant for sensitive paws.

Which restaurant can I take my dog to?

In more than you think, but it’s up to the landlord. It decides whether yes or no. But as more and more Spaniards have small dogs, acceptance increases. We’ve heard many times: “Si, claro! We’ve never had a problem with dogs, if at all, ever with humans.’

However, the same applies here: Is the dog well-educated? Is he lying under the table and not bothering anyone? These are the basic requirements.

For our blog we are working on a list of restaurants in Dénia dogs. Soon more on this!

What do I do when I see a lordless animal?

It is best to call the nearest animal welfare association. In Dénia, the APAD

Do you have any questions? We are here for you!

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