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We often receive e-mails with questions about life on the Costa Blanca and especially in Dénia. We collect these questions and want to answer you as much as possible. If you have a question whose answer you cannot find here, please write to us.

Why do you need an N.I.E. and where to get it?

The N.I.E. (abbreviation for Némero de Identidad de Extranjero) is the identification number for foreigners. It is multifunctional and a prerequisite for almost all business transactions in Spain. Without N.I.E., you can’t buy a car or a washing machine, open a bank account, or buy a house. Even many parcel services do not deliver the ordered parcel until they learn the N.I.E. If you need to pick up a letter from the post office, you usually even need the N.I.E. as a copy. The N.I.E. is valid indefinitely and is non-transferable.

You apply for the N.I.E. at the next Policia Nacional. However, this can only be done with an appointment that you can make online at

You need

  1. the Modelo EX-15 completed, signed, two copies:
  2. Appointment document
  3. Valid identity document (passport or identity card in the original and in copy)
  4. Check the receipt of the fee paid (online form Modelo 790 Codigo 012, there tick “Asignacion de Némero de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) a instancia del interesado”. Use this completed form to pay the fee at a bank BEFORE the appointment.

Note: Currently, appointments are difficult to obtain due to the high demand (Brexit) and waiting times of up to three months are not uncommon.

Where can I get a life certificate for pension insurance?

At the consulate, town hall, doctor or bank.

How do I open a bank account?

There are two types of private accounts: one for residents and one for non-residents. The account for the latter is subject to a fee.

To open an account, you need to

  • Residencia when a resident account is to be opened
  • the Original N.I.E.
  • Passport or identity card
  • tax number from the country of residence if applicable

Is it possible to use a car registered in Germany to join ITV (Spanish TÜV) in Spain?

no. That doesn’t work. You have to re-register the car – or drive to the TÜV in Germany.

How do I re-sign my car?

If you live in Spain for more than six months at a time, you should re-register your German car to Spain. The import tax can usually be avoided if you can prove at the time of the vehicle re-registration that you were previously registered continuously in Germany for at least twelve months and that the vehicle is in possession for at least six months. However, this must be confirmed by the consulate or the embassy.

For the re-registration itself, besides the NIE, you need:

Certificado de caracter-sticas: An expert (Perito) uses the vehicle letter to homologate the technical specifications of your vehicle.

Ficha Técnica Spain: This is the technical approval certificate that you will receive from the Spanish TÜV when you have completed the main examination. To do this, you need the following documents:

Vehicle letter
Certificado de caracter-sticas
Registration certificate in Spain (certificado de empadronamiento)
EC Certificate of Conformity

If you don’t speak Spanish very well, you recommend a Gestoria, which re-signs a car for 150 to 200 euros.

By the way: In Spain, the number plate is tied to the vehicle, not to the owner. For example, a car or motorcycle retains a number from registration to scrapping.

We found a very informative and beautiful description of the sometimes nerve-wracking procedure in the blog of El Camino Verde.

Buying a car in Spain, what do I have to pay attention to?

Eyes on when buying a car! This is especially true when buying used cars in Spain. Because if the previous owner has not paid his nodules here, the new owner is automatically liable. The same applies to unpaid tax debts. Therefore, it is essential to ask the DGT (Direccion General de Trafico

We recommend everyone to switch on a Gestoria!

If you really want to do it without help, you must have the following documents ready:

  • Payment notice on the sale tax (Impuesto transmision patrimonial Modelo 620/621)
  • A document on the payment of the car tax is no longer necessary since 2011.
  • The buyer must bring a copy of the ID from the seller
  • Purchase agreement (original or copy)
  • The Technical TÜV Data Card. In Spanish, this document is called: Tarjeta ITV and permiso de circulacion

In addition, the application for re-registration of the vehicle must be completed and signed by both the buyer and the seller.

Where is the best place to live on the Costa Blanca South or Costa Blanca North?

Oh, that cannot be answered in general terms, although we are asked very often.

Basically, the south and north of the Costa Blanca differed mainly in their vegetation – and their prices. In the south, the properties are usually slightly cheaper (if you don’t leave Alicante). In the north, the nature is greener and the climate very temperate. But, you also have to reach deeper into your pocket for your dream property. See also our market reports.

But, it’s a matter of taste. If you like more hustle and bustle, be in better hands in Benidorm than in Jalon. If you want to reach everything on foot, you will probably feel more comfortable in Dénia than in Javea.

We recommend that anyone who does not yet know where they want to live rent a holiday property for some time. This is the best way to see which cities are “enlivened” even in winter and whether you are more interested in rural life or whether you are more likely to 😉 Is.
Why we like to live on the Costa Blanca Nord, there are at least some reasons here

What about health insurance in Spain?

We can only outline this roughly here, because there are always special cases and we are not consultants. In order to clarify all questions, the new Spaniards should therefore always first contact their respective statutory health insurance in Germany.

Here, however, we have summarized two points:

Those who live here as residents and have their habitual residence in Spain must also register in the (very good) Spanish health insurance system. In addition, he can still insure himself privately, for example at ASSSA, which is much cheaper here than in Germany.

Those who are only part-time Spaniards and remain registered in Germany will retain their statutory German health insurance. As a rule, the card, including the European Health Insurance, is sufficient to have emergencies treated. If in doubt, simply ask your own insurance company.

What is the medical care on the Costa Blanca?

Excellent! Even those who are not capable of the Spanish language need not be afraid. There are also German-speaking doctors in all disciplines. Private and public hospitals are well equipped and all have an interpreter or translator. There is even a directory with doctors and clinics.

How do you recognize an experienced broker?

Oha, yes, we are constantly being asked this question. We even dedicated our own blog post to this topic.

Your question is not included? Write us!

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